Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red
Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red
Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red
Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red
Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red
Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red

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Perser Rug - Bidjar - 187 x 107 cm - red

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Product Details

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The colors of the rug vary depending on the viewing angle.


A piece of the Orient for your home! This Persian carpet Bidjar - Royal (also: Bidjar Bukan) carpet comes from a small Kurdish town in western Persia and is known for its durability and robustness due to its particularly firm weave using the traditional Turkish knot. This technique makes the carpet dirt-resistant and guarantees its durability: its pile is pressed together so tightly with a comb that it stands almost vertically upwards. The Herati pattern is popular as a design, but medallion and floral patterns also occur. The Persian carpets Bidjar - Royal are made of 100% cork wool and belong to quality level 3 in their processing and thus have a very high and fine quality. This makes them perfect as an investment or long-term capital investment.

More About This Product

  • Traditional and intricately hand-knotted
  • Durable and long-lasting quality
  • Considered among the most durable carpets in the world
  • Dirt-Repellent/Easy Care
  • Impact-absorbing/Suitable for underfloor heating

Material and Quality


This specimen has been made by hand with the utmost care. Handmade rugs may have minor irregularities in size and shape.



Pile Material

100% Virgin Wool
Hand-spun new wool is characterised by its high quality, natural elasticity and excellent thermal insulation.


Contemporary, 0-20 years (not used)



Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions/cm (LxWxH)

Weight in kg



Unique piece
This piece is a truly unique specimen with a Certificate of Authenticity.



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Product Care

Regular Vacuuming:

Vacuum your rug regularly to remove dust and dirt. Once a week is usually sufficient, but heavily trafficked rugs might require more frequent vacuuming.

Immediate Stain Removal:

To remove stains from the rug, take immediate action by blotting up excess liquid with an absorbent cloth or paper, avoiding rubbing; instead, use a specialized rug cleaning solution or a mixture of water and vinegar.

Trimming Loose Threads:

Trimming longer threads on a rug is not a cause for concern and can be easily removed by cutting flush with the pile without creating a hole.

Professional Cleaning:

Have your rug professionally cleaned at least once a year by a cleaning company. This will help remove deeper-seated dirt and keep your rug in good condition.

Avoid Sunlight:

Avoid exposing your rug to direct sunlight, as it can cause fading. Instead, use curtains or blinds to shield the rug from sunlight.

Avoid Heavy Furniture:

Avoid placing heavy furniture on your rug, as it can cause indentations. Instead, use felt pads under furniture to protect the rug.


With wool rugs, linting in the first few weeks is common due to the fine fibers getting caught between the threads during spinning; however, this is a sign of quality and linting decreases over time as the fibers settle.

Special Treatments:

If your rug requires special treatments such as stain protection or impregnation, consult a professional cleaning service or rug dealer for advice.

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